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Food Hackathon: online information meeting

Tycker du att Svensk livsmedelsförsörjning och food waste är viktiga samhällsfrågor? Är du student och vill bidra med dina innovativa tankar? Anmäl dig till vår info-träff om Food Hackathon MAT idag om du vill veta mer.

Do you think food waste is an important societal issue? Do you want to contribute with your creative ideas? Sign up for our second information meeting on Food Hackathon MAT if you want to know more.

In 2019 we had our first Food Hackathon ever during the Food Fair in Växjö and this year we will do it again! A hackathon is a competition where you are divided into different teams and together you get a problem that you have to try to solve within 24 hours.

The 2020 challenge is FOOD WASTE, and we are now looking for students with different types of education as well as other people who want to influence the food industry and the area of ​​sustainability, who feel urged to solve the problems surrounding this theme. 

On Wednesday, 13th of May from 2 pm to 3 pm, we will open for another online meeting via zoom where you who are interested in participating in Food Hackathon MAT 2020 (11-12 September) will get to know more about what the competition consists of and who is participating, as well as asking questions to us organizers.

Details regarding the event

Date: 13th of maj, 2pm- 3.30 pm

Plats: online Zoom-meeting

Sista anmälsningsdag: 13th of maj

To sign up, send an email to kalmar@drivhuset.se


Sista anmälsningsdag 28 april. Du anmäler dig genom att maila till: kalmar@drivhuset.se

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