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Below we have collected som tools that we use. You can choose to complete the tools online or download them by pressing the button below each image.


Drivhuset coaches you as a student and entrepreneur to create and develop your business idea. On this page you will find som of the tools that you can use to further develop your business idea.

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Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas was created by Ash Maurya and is tailored for early stage ideas and startups. It is based on the Business Model Canvas and gives you a good overview of which parts needs to be further developed.


The Business Model Canvas is a tool for developing and testing your business model or idea. It also gives you a good overview of the different parts of your business model.

Opportunity Map

This tool is used to map the opportunities that exist in your surroundings. A tip is to compare your map with someone else’s opportunity map to see what opportunities you have together.


NABC is a tool that creates an overview of the customer need, your solution to that need, the advantages of that particular solution and what the competing ways of solving the same need is. A good tool which, among other things, can be used as a basis for creating a good pitch.

Research the market

To find out if there is a market for your idea, it is good to talk to your potential customers. Here we have collected some tools that can help you to understand your customer. The Spin method is a sales methodology and conversation model created by Neil Rackham that puts the customer at the center. The purpose of the model is to understand the customer problems and needs so that you can develop your idea to meet the customer need.


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