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Network for students

This network is for you who study at Linnaeus University and want to get to know other driven students, meet decision makers and network with interesting business!

Regardless field of study or how long you studied, you can join. We always meet up at Drivhuset and jointly participate in network meetings and events around the Kalmar city. That way, you never participate alone, even if you choose to register by yourself or together with a friend.

Our vision is that this network should help you students get to know the city of Kalmar and the people who work and live here.

Something exciting is always happening here –  come along!

Why should I be part of a network?

Discuss your idea
If you have an idea or a problem, you can often find someone in the network with knowledge and experience on the subject. Sure you can google, but nothing beats life experience!


New ideas & thoughts
Meeting people with completely different backgrounds and experiences can often provide new insights. Maybe your problem or idea has a completely different solution than you previously thought.


Make new contacts
Perhaps it is through the network that you get your dream job, or find the right person to start a business with. It rarely hurts to have people in your network to reach out to.


Prenumerera på vårt nyhetsbrev!