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  Welcome to book a guidance with us!

At Drivhuset, you get help to see possibilities and solutions for your skills and experience and map out what you need help with in order to move forward with your idea. The focus is on you as an entrepreneur and not on the idea, because we never judge ideas.

We adapt guidance according to your need and your specific situation. By shaping the idea based on the feedback you receive from us at Drivhuset and the target group you are working towards, you will develop a viable idea that is ready for the market.

All guidance is free of charge and takes place under confidentiality. Take the first step towards realizing your idea. Book guidance with us today!

Successful entrepreneurship! Every year, Drivhuset conducts over 4 000 guidance sessions which leads to over 1 000 new companies. 85 percent of those who start with the help of Drivhuset still have their business after 3 years. We call that viable!

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In addition to being interesting in skiing, entrepreneurship is a great interest of mine. I am currently running a business idea in a innovation process and have a bachelor’s degree in Customer Experience Management. The skills I possess are creating customer experiences, brand management and product development. I have extra expertise in the construction and ski industry. Trough tools, my own experiences of idea development and network, I want to help you drive your process forward!

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Sara Johansson, Business manager

If I’m not running around at the university, I’m probably busy with a new DIY project. Or i roll pasta or hang out with my dog. I love all creative things and have training in pattern making, sewing, art and entrepreneurship. Have run my own business for a few years. In addition to my bachelor’s degree in media and communication science, I have worked for the municipality in various projects. Among other things in app development. I can’t write a single line of code, but concepts and wireframes are my thing! In my opinion, everything can be developed, especially ideas.

I am happy to help you develop your idea and have good contacts within the municipality, business life and the cultural sector!

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