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About Drivhuset

Entrepreneurship is everybody’s business!

That’s our vision, but what does it mean? Many believe that entrepreneurship is about realizing business ideas and starting new, growing companies. Sure, it’s one example of entrepreneurship, but for us it means so much more. Entrepreneurship for us is about finding new sustainable solutions that create value for others and value for the world.

Entrepreneurship is an important key

When changes happen very quickly, when it no longer works to “do as we have always done” and when both people and businesses see obstacles and problems with creation of positive sustainable development, entrepreneurship is an important key.

Being able to create sustainable values for others regardless of the context, is necessary for us to be able to develop and solve challenges regardless of wether they arise in our own every day life, at our workplace or in society at large. Therefore, it is important that we get involved in the changes required, big as wide, small as narrow, to build a better society. Today we are all needed regardless of where we come from, where we operate or whoever we are because entrepreneurship is a matter for all. 


To train people’s entrepreneurial abilities – our main task

Our task is to train, educate, coach and support students with concrete tools and research-based methods, so that they can develop, test and implement new ideas that makes a difference on the market. The world is becoming increasingly complex, today’s development is lightning fast and what we perceive as true today looks different tomorrow. It increase the demands on flexibility, the ability to see opportunities and a leadership that supports innovation, competencies that are often described as an entrepreneurial. But entrepreneurial activities also increase people’s motivation, commitment and sense of meaning. Competences and skills around value creation are given high priority for us to be able to meet major societal challenges and manage the changes taking place in the labor market and in society at large. We therefore see training people’s entrepreneurial abilities as our main task.

Drivhuset Kalmar was started in 2000 by Kalmar University and the student union at Kalmar University. Every year we meet thousands of students and young entrepreneurs with ideas, dreams, and a great entrepreneurial commitment. Thanks to our close collaboration with Linnaeus University, we help ensure that ideas and solutions within the academy are taken advantage of. We support people individually with their idea development through personal meetings, but also lead groups in entrepreneurial programs, training initiatives and idea-generating events. 

What we invest in other people’s development, we get back in their commitment, creativity and desire to improve. They make a difference to us, to others and to the world. We call that a sustainable business model. 


About Drivhuset

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