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Welcome to Drivhuset Kalmar!

Drivhuset Kalmar supports students and alumni who want to develop ideas, lead projects or start their own business. Through guidance, training, inspiration and networking meetings, you get knowledge and tools that takes you and your ideas forward!

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As a student or alumni of Linnaeus University, you can book free of charge guidance with us where we will help you further develop your idea!

We can also help with questions concerning business administration, registration of your company, marketing and assist with contacts that will help you further!

During a guidance, we always start from your goals and conditions and no prior knowledge or preparation is necessary. You don’t even have to have a ready-made idea. With us you get tools to help process your idea or brainstorm not yet existing ideas.

Remember – the best day to start is today. Welcome to book a guidance with us!

Boka Vägledning

“Drivhuset gave me both the knowledge and the courage to take the step into starting my own business. It felt incredibly safe to have them by my side along the way. I haven’t regretted it for a second. I had the dream, but without them we wouldn’t have been able to make it happen.”

Amanda Karlsson – Mordpodden

“We are two new entrepreneurs and neither of us is from Sweden. Drivhuset explained to us how the system works, helped us understand the structure behind starting a business and made us believe in our goals! It’s great to know that Drivhuset is always there as a professional support to count on!”

Rabea and Shahram – OAS café

The idea came to me already in 2017, but was then met with great criticism. Maybe we weren’t ready, yet. Maybe it wasn’t the right time. But in the summer of 2019, we probably caught up in time, trapped, all that stuff that we had missed – because somewhere that year I got the opportunity to start working on this full time.

Amanda Ekström – Tuggmotstånd

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